Book Chapters

  • P. Lankoski & Romo Flores, A. (2021). 1145ME: Level design. In R.E. Ferdig, E. Gandolfi &  E. Baumgartner, eds, Teaching the Game: An interdisciplinary collection of game course syllabi (Vol. 2, pp.505-515). ETC Press.
  • Romo Flores, A. (2021). Fostering “good” losers: A study of toxic behaviors and gaming capital in competitive online games. In Kaun, A. (Ed.). Challenging Digital Communication : Disconnections, toxicity and right-wing digital architecture (1st ed., pp.33-57). Södertörns Högskola.
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  • Romo Flores, A. (2020). What Makes a Good Loser? An Ethnographic Study of Toxic Behaviors in Competitive Multiplayer Games (Master’s Dissertation, Södertörns Högskola). DiVA Portal.
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  • Romo Flores, A. (2018). To Conquer Or To Kill?: A qualitative study on game mechanics and player experience in MOBA games (Bachelor’s Dissertation, Södertörns Högskola). DiVA Portal.
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Conference Presentations

  • Presentation “On being a cyberathlete” at Södertörn’s doctoral symposium for educational sciences, 28 October 2022, Södertörn University: Flemingsberg, Sweden
  • Workshop presentation “On being a cyberathlete” (European Esport Cultures workshop) at the Central and East European Games Conference ’22, 13-15 October 2022, Tallinn University: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Panel discussion “Datafication of Education” at NordEthics Conference, 6-8 October 2022, The Helsinki Collegium forAdvanced Studies: Helsinki, Finland